Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Runaway Adventure to the Circus...

We had been counting down the days until the circus would finally arrive. When the day finally arrived, we enjoyed some necessary animal crackers in preparation for the night show (disappointed that they don't seem to have the traditional crackers in the boxes). Ben had a great time at the circus! When we arrived, he said, "Circus tent!!"
When we walked up to the tent, Ben spotted the elephants outside. He was fascinated! Then, we walked into the tent!!
Then, Ben got to take his first pony ride! He had so much fun :)
Seating was tight, Ben thought it was funny to keep poking the guy in front of us. When we kept asking him to stop, he leaned over to hug him.
Ben enjoyed watching the tigers and the silly clowns!
Close encounters of the weird kind...
Ben said goodbye to the circus and enjoyed all his souvenirs..